Women’s Football Success

Women’s Football Success is a place for players, coaches, support staff, and women’s football team owners. Please click below to check out our Facebook Group!

Welcome to Women’s Football Success! Women’s Football Success is a branch of Super Small Biz.

What is women’s football?

Women’ football is based on American football. The sport consists of 70+ teams of female athletes playing full contact, tackle football according to National Football League rules.

Why Women’s Football Success?

Women’s football is a grassroots operation. While women’s football began its popularity in the US and various other countries decades ago, the sport still does not attract major sponsors, huge crowds, significant television and radio coverage, or national recognition for player skills. This requires hard work and dedication on the part of team owners, coaches, support staff, and players.

What is Women’s Football Success?

We’ve created Women’s Football Success to promote the sport of women’s football on a global level. Our goal is to provide resources for team owners, offer guidance for coaches, educate support staff on team needs, and promote players’ abilities and efforts.

Why is Women’s Football Success needed?

Although women’s football has been around for decades, teams still struggle with several areas of women’s football that are essential to team success. Many teams do not recruit enough players, ticket sales remain low, and player equipment and travel¬† is an expense that most times is the responsibility of the players, and support from the community is sometimes nonexistent.

What Women’s Football Success provides?

Women’s Football Success understands that each team has its own playbook and strategies on the field, but from a business standpoint, most if not all women’s football teams should be running pretty much the same. Each team needs an understanding of business basics to include business formation, start-up, marketing, event planning, community involvement,¬† promotion, accounting, human resources, and business law. Women’s football is a spitting image of a micro-enterprise or the Super Small Biz Model.

What is the Super Small Biz Model?

A micro- or super small business by broad definition is one with zero to ten employees, minimal human capital, low start-up funding, less than $1 million in revenue, and grassroots approach to growth.

Women’s football is the equivalent of a super small biz. All women’s football teams need to work to increase revenue, reduce expenses, eliminate waste, work with limited human resources, and do everything on a small budget.

Women’s Football Success is here for YOU!

Women’s football Success offers the following:

  • To Team Owners: Business guidance specific to the industry of women’s football (not just general business principles)
    • Starting a Team – Team start-up and establishment; tryouts and assembling your team
    • Running a Team -Day-to-day; practice; promotional events; Gameday essentials; Post-season requirements
    • Volunteer Coordination
    • Hiring Employees and Independent Contractors
    • Business Training – Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Event Planning, and Promotion
    • Growing Your Business – After you’ve mastered the basics, learn to integrate advanced principles in your team
    • Leadership – Understanding what your team needs to succeed on and off the field
    • Business and Legal Responsibilities – Contracts, Taxes, Liabilities, and Legal Concerns
    • Business Coaching – one-on-one business coaching; Individual issues or concerns
  • To Team Coaches: Fundamentals of coaching women’s football.
    • Guidance in working with players
    • Basics on understanding responsibilities and duties of a coach
    • Coaching Forms and documents
    • Promoting unity within a team
    • Example Drills, Exercises, and Coaching Tips
  • To Support Staff: Unlike many businesses, women’s football teams have needs most businesses don’t require.
    • An understanding of the needs of women’s football teams
    • Basic tasks and responsibilities of various team staff members
    • Volunteer needs
    • Internships
    • Career Opportunties
  • To Football Players:
    • Essentials to being successful in women’s football
    • Responsibilities and duties to your team
    • Football education
    • Fostering and improving your football skills and knowledge
    • Obtaining Sponsors
    • Player Promotion
    • Career Opportunities